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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Free Download Full Version PC Game

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This is the game's second shortest circuit with broad run-off areas and only the gentlest of inclines and banked turns. Fast and simple. So why did Nintendo select this circuit for their Japanese time trial tournament? Power-slides. Speed around using the normal controls and this is a very bland track. Use power-slides and it's a heart-stopping test of split-second reactions, slicing through hairpin turns with millimetres to spare, the wheelspin smoke burning yellow then red. Although there are no significant hazards, the track itself is narrow and demanding for true speed demons.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe PC Download Game - Full version

You can play a strict race, where the first player to finish all the laps win. But as any Mario Kart fan could tell you, that's not where the true fun is. The battle mode is a type of race as well, but this is a race to beat up your opponents the quickest. You can run around the track and pick up various power-ups and weapons to help in this goal.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - PC Download Full Cracked Game - 3DM

Something of a homage to the original: an entirely flat wooden track suspended over icy water. The fact that some barriers have been left off tight corners makes for some hair-raising corners, while a bat-infested ghost house is particularly tricky if you've just been magically shrunk!

After Luigi Circuit's conventional layout, the Farm offers a wacky change of pace. In plan view it's a simplistic, slightly irregular oval. In play, it's a very broad, incredibly bumpy stretch of terrain which novices can easily get lost on. Watch out too for kamikaze moles who cheerily pop out of their burrows to upset karts which drive over their homes.

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A wild, riotous track which consists of a long river jump, a tight corner located in a cave and some very fast twisting turns through the jungle. The latter are spiced up by rocks bouncing about in the jungle, veer off track and these provide a disorientating pounding for the careless.

Once again, Nintendo comes away with another show-stopping title that captures your interest and keeps you coming back for more. While best experienced with four players, I found great enjoyment even with one-player games. The computer's Al has improved dramatically, with fewer cheap weapons thrown your way. I also liked how the courses changed slightly to increase difficulty for hardcore gamers (fewer or no barriers at higher CCs). I sorely miss the feather power-up and hidden shortcuts, however, and the miniscule selection of courses left me greatly disappointed. The sequel had better be HUGE.

But before we get to what's new with the Mario Kart gang, let's look at what has stayed the same. Nearly all of the original's racers have returned, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool (now better known by her Japanese moniker, Peach), Toad, Yoshi , Donkey Kong and Bowser. The only MIA is Koopa, who has been replaced by Nintendo's more noteworthy villain, Wario.

A deceptively tricky, demanding course with a particularly nasty pair of hairpin bends leading into the main straight - a large lake provides a watery reception for the careless. On the right of the game's largest leap is Princess Peach's Castle, which also plays host to the reward ceremony. It's exactly the same as in Super Mario 69 , but is here sadly uninteractive.

NTVIC's Fastest Lap is an authentic Formula-6 racing simulation. An added feature is that players can design and build their cars from the tires up and race them.

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